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Motherhood Milestones

Premium Greeting Card - It's Your Birth-Day Too Mum

Premium Greeting Card - It's Your Birth-Day Too Mum

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A baby’s birthday is worth celebrating but recognising the mother behind the baby is even better. Not only did she probably organise the party you were invited too but she’s kept that child alive and thriving for its whole life, often putting herself second. This is your chance to remind her that she is just as important as the birthday kid! It’s the anniversary of her birth-day, when her whole word changed and she became a mother, or a mother again, and that is always worth celebrating. This card is an opportunity to remind her how powerful and selfless she was, no matter how she gave birth. And how powerful and selfless she has been every day since.

The card is A6 size and comes with a coloured envelope. Colours are selected at random. The card also has a magnet on the back so you can hang it from the fridge and remind that person that she matters just as much as her baby. It is blank inside so you can say exactly what you want too.

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