An image of Motherhood Milestones founder, Emily Mitchell, holding her son. Both are looking and smiling at the camera. Emily is wearing a white long sleeve shirt and jeans and her son is in brown overalls and a white jumper. They are outside at sunset in front of trees.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Emily, and this is my son Lincoln.

2020 introduced me to motherhood.

2021 showed me how undervalued it is.

In 2022 I started Motherhood Milestones and created an easy way for people to celebrate and appreciate the mothers in their life through greeting cards.

2023 led me to advocacy opportunities to better women's motherhood journey.

I'm more passionate than ever this year to educate society on the real motherhood experience and improve it for as many as possible.

Mother's are amazing. It's about time they believed it.

Show a mum she matters