Founder of Motherhood Milestones, Emily Mitchell, standing up behind a table with a white tablecloth. On the table are two wooden Motherhood Milestones card stands filled with each design from the Motherhood Milestone collection, all celebrating or commiserating moments in Motherhood.

Motherhood Milestones – heartfelt cards
for real life mums with a magnetic back to live on your fridge.  

Based in Orange in regional NSW, Motherhood Milestones was born in November 2022. Founder, Emily Mitchell, became a mum in 2020 and experienced firsthand how undervalued motherhood is.

She found that the focus of motherhood
is actually the baby, but it’s the mother who needs to be held.

Founder of Motherhood Milestones, Emily Mitchell, smiling at the camera and holding up her Motherhood Milestones magnetic greeting cards.

Motherhood Milestones exists to help others help mothers because mothers deserve a better experience.

Often people don’t know what to do to help mums so magnetic greeting cards are an easy way for people to celebrate, recognise and commiserate hidden moments of motherhood that we don't speak about enough but need to, to normalise them. 

Purchasing and writing in a card is a simple but effective action you can take.  The ripple effect of this small action is huge because when mothers feel seen and valued, it benefits everyone.

Founder of Motherhood Milestones, Emily Mitchell, cradling a selection of her Motherhood Milestones cards. She is outside at sunset, wearing jeans, a white shirt and a pink blazer.

Emily hopes that every Motherhood
Milestones card sparks a conversation and change. Because when people know
better, they do better. Motherhood Milestones cards are magnetic and can live on the fridge, so as mums walk past their fridge ten thousand times a day they read the affirmation on the front of the card and remember just how much they matter too.  

It's this combination of education and empowerment where Motherhood Milestones will have the biggest impact in improving women's motherhood experience which is the goal.