I'm on my way!

I'm on my way!

In December 2022, at a gala event in Sydney I won my very first business award for Motherhood Milestones!

What. A. Thrill.

I was stoked to be a finalist and stand on the stage among seven other incredible women in business.

When my name was called as the winner, my mouth dropped open. I couldn’t believe it. Not sure what that says about my confidence, but you better believe it grew after winning the On My Way award presented by Women with Altitude.

This award recognises the best new business or start-up that has been operating for under two years.

I am passionate about disrupting the motherhood narrative through conversations and acknowledging hidden moments in motherhood.

Motherhood Milestones exists to help others help mothers because I believe mothers deserve a better experience. I have a created a mainstream way (greeting cards) for people to celebrate, recognise and commiserate hidden moments of motherhood that we don't speak about enough but need to, to normalise them.

As a sole trader I definitely don't stop to celebrate my growth and achievements in life and business as often as I should so it made receiving this award extra special as I reflected on everything I achieved in my first year of business.

I hope that every Motherhood Milestones card sparks a conversation and change. My cards are magnetic and can live on the fridge so I hope as mums walk past their fridge ten thousand times a day they read the affirmation on the front of the card and remember just how much they matter too.

It's this combination of education and empowerment where I can see Motherhood Milestones having the biggest impact in improving women's motherhood experience which is the goal.

Receiving this award validated that I am on my way, that this is just the beginning for me and Motherhood Milestones. This award motivates me to keep going, keep dreaming and to know that anything is possible!

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